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PTA/PTO Contact Information

John Burroughs boasts a thriving PTA. Join us for our monthly meetings the first Monday of each month at 5:30.

PTA/PTO Leader

Mr. Ed Moore-President

School Supplies for 2017

Pre-K Supply List

Clorox Wipes

Paper towels


Change of Clothes labeled with name

Unscented baby wipes

Gallon and quart Ziploc bags

Laundry Detergent

Dawn Dish Soap

Hand Sanitizer

3 pocket Folders


School Supplies for Kindergarten   

Each child is expected to bring the following items to school:

1 book bag/backpack

1 set of over-the-ear headphones for MAP testing (no ear buds please)

1 folder with center brads (clasps)

2 – 24 count box of crayons

4 JUMBO glue sticks

2 fat pink erasers

4 bold EXPO dry erase markers

2 boxes tissues

1 - 8 oz. bottle of hand sanitizer

Ziploc FREEZER bags (girls – gallon, boys – quart)

1 pack baby wipes (girls)

2 container Clorox Wipes (boys)

1 pair of gym shoes

Coloring book with name (for rainy day recess)

*Pencils and scissors will be provided by the classroom teachers

Please keep in mind that some of these supplies will need replenished throughout the school year. 


Welcome to 1st Grade School Supply List

Supplies will be collected and shared

· 6 Glue sticks

· 3 packs of pencils

· 3 boxes of tissues

· Zip-lock baggies

o -1 box of gallon size

o -1 box of quart size

o -1 box of sandwich size

· 3 boxes of Crayons

· Clorox Wipes

· Hand sanitizer

· Empty shoe box



2- 24 pack of Ticonderoga #2 pencils

3 Spiral Notebooks


1- 3 ring poly binder (soft)

Crayons and markers

Glue Sticks

1 Plastic Folders


1 Post-Its (pkg.)

1 box of sandwich Ziploc bags

Hand Sanitzer


Burroughs 4th Grade Supply List
- 4 glue sticks
- 24 pencils
- Scissors
- 24 pack of crayons
- 1 box of colored pencils
- 1 box of markers
- 5 spiral notebooks
- 5 pocket folders
- 2 packages wide-ruled notebook paper
- 3 packs of 3x5 lined index cards
- 1 container of Clorox wipes
- Ziplock bags – sandwich and quart size
- Book bag
- School box or pencil bag
- 1 bottle of glue

5th Grade School Supply List 2017-2018


School box

#2 pencils (24)

2 packages of wide rule notebook paper

24 pack of crayons

Colored pencils



2 pocket folders

2 wide rule spiral notebooks


Gluesticks (4)

Clorox/Lysol wipes

Hand sanitizers

1 box of Ziplock bags- sandwich size and quart size

1 box of tissue

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Section 504 Information

Section 504 is a federal law designed to protect the rights of individuals with disabilities and requires public school districts to provide a free appropriate public education to each qualified student within the school district. Click on this link for the CCS Section 504 Manual containing policies, guidelines and forms and to learn more about 504 services.

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